Focus: The Identity Trust is pleased to announce their programme of events to commemorate Transgender Day of Remembrance 2013.

**This is not the final programme; only events confirmed to date.  More events may yet be added so please keep checking back to this site where any further details will be announced **

Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDoR) is marked worldwide on November 20th every year, to publicly honour those who have died owing to transphobic violence, and to remember those whose lives may otherwise be forgotten.  For more information on the history of TDoR please see our full article here.

All of our planned events, which run from Sunday 17th to Wednesday 20th November, are themed around the concept of “Walk in My Shoes”, to encourage others to consider what life is like for transgender individuals.  We are also participating in an Equality Commission organised event on the 20th with this theme in mind.  We welcome and encourage everyone to participate in at least one of our public events, or other commemoration to mark this solemn day.  If you cannot attend an organised event, we would invite you to light a candle at 7pm on November 20th, or to wear something purple on that day.

Our main event to commemorate TDoR this year will take place in Derry/Londonderry, coinciding with its selection as the UK’s City of Culture 2013.  However, Focus: The Identity Trust has also arranged other events across the country to mark the day.


Sunday 17th November – Wednesday 20th November

We have arranged for civic buildings throughout the Maiden City of Derry/Londonderry to be illuminated purple for the entire period to mark Transgender Day of Remembrance and to raise awareness of the commemoration and events.

Sunday 17th November – 3pm

The Rev. Chris Hudson and his congregation of All Souls’ Non-Subscribing 2nd Presbyterian (Utilitarian) Church are kindly hosting the official church service to mark the lives of those transgender individuals murdered across the world this year.

The ethos of this liberal and friendly church is that of respect for all, and they welcome everyone to this ecumenical remembrance service.

A Tree of Remembrance will be placed within the church, and anyone who wishes to remember someone special is invited to place that person’s name on the tree during the service.

Details: All Souls’ Church, Elmwood Avenue, Belfast – 3pm

Tuesday 19th November

Focus: The Identity Trust is delivering a workshop entitled, ‘Walk in My Shoes’ to the councillors and staff of Derry City Council in order to raise awareness of transgender issues, to encourage consideration of what it is like for those of us born with a transgender condition, and an appreciation of the dangers and difficulties we face across all areas of life.

Wednesday 20th November – Transgender Day of Remembrance

Morning:  Focus: The Identity Trust will be running a workshop at the ‘Building an Inclusive Workforce’ conference organised by the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland.  This Equality Commission event will host a number of workshops, and ours will be entitled ‘Walk in My Shoes’ but will focus specifically on the issues of employability for transgender individuals and best practice for employers.

Evening: The Main Act of Remembrance for TDoR in Northern Ireland

Guildhall Square – Derry/Londonderry – 7pm

The Mayor of Derry/Londonderry will host a civic and ecumenical act of remembrance.  He will deliver a short speech, which will be followed by readings and poetry.

Rev. David Latimer from 1st Derry Presbyterian church will lead the ecumenical act of remembrance which will hopefully be attended by members of all different faith groups.

Everyone is welcome, and everyone is invited to participate in the vigil.

Evening:  Release of purple balloons; an all island event

Focus: The Identity Trust have been in contact with other support groups across the island of Ireland and organised this post-Act of Remembrance event whereby each support group across the island of Ireland will, in unison, release purple balloons.  The Focus event will take place after the main Act of Remembrance in Guildhall Square, Derry/Londonderry to which, again, everyone is welcome.


Transgender Day of Remembrance is not a day just for transgender people, and we invite everyone, whatever their background, gender, sexuality, religion, race etc. to stand with us, to be allies with us on that day, to take part in an act of remembrance, light a candle, or wear purple to ‘walk in their’ shoes memorialise and honour those who have died owing to prejudice and violence, and to show those who would still perpetuate it, that they are the minority and society will no longer condone these acts of transphobia.

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