On 14 September, the TUC at its annual congress carried the following motion (Motion 30):Gender Recognition Act reform, trans people’s rights and solidarity across the trade union movement. [1]Among the provisions covered by this motion are:

  • that transgender and non-binary members are entitled to be treated with respect and dignity in the workplace
  • All trans identities should be believed and respected, and that for all social purposes, trans women should be treated as women and trans men treated as men.
  • Other gender identities (non-binary etc) are equally authentic. This is a social question rather than a scientific one. Past attempts to categorise human beings by purely scientific methods have often led to barbaric outcomes.
  • ensure that appropriate gender-based training and trans/non-binary awareness training is made available across the trade union movement to train all workplace reps and officers to ensure that all members are treated equally regardless of gender identity.

Focus: the Identity Trust warmly endorses this motion, welcomes the clear recognition of transgender and non-binary identities and offers a fully accredited programme of awareness training.





[1]The full text of this motion is available at  congress.tuc.org.uk › motion-30-gender-recognition-ac…