Transgender Champion of the Year Award

It is with great pleasure that Focus: The Identity Trust announce the award of Transgender Champion of the Year to Dr Siobhan Carey.

Dr Carey is a GP working in Family Practice, Strabane Health Centre in Strabane, Co. Tyrone.  She has worked there, providing the highest level of care for over 30 years and is highly regarded, and much loved, by colleagues and patients alike.  And on the 28 February 2024 Focus Trustees had the greatest of privilege in visiting Strabane Health Centre to surprise Dr Carey with this award on behalf of transgender individuals and their families.  The accompanying photo shows the award being presented to Dr Carey by Practice Manager, Ms Jackie Rouse who very kindly, helped us arrange the presentation.

This award recognises Dr Carey for superlative provision of care for transgender and intersex individuals and their families.  She has not only delivered the best of healthcare with knowledge, skill, and dedication, but has done so with kindness, energy, an infectious humour, and a genuineness that could not be overstated, faked, or taught.  Her support, conscientiousness and compassion have directly impacted on the lives of transgender individuals who have been in her care, with positive and often-times, life-saving effect.  Those who have been in her care speak of her as an epitome of what a GP should be, and the type of person to which we should all aspire.

This care is not only extended equally to all her patients, transgender or otherwise, but to their families too.  Although it can be frequently overlooked; parents, siblings, and children of transgender and intersex individuals also need support.  As one individual related, “when my parents came to Dr Carey about me, not knowing anything about this; scared and apprehensive, she gave them the greatest of support too”.

It was a privilege for Focus: The Identity Trust to present this award to such a dedicated GP, and we are delighted to say Dr Carey was extremely moved by the Award.  Her thoughtful remark on the Award Crystal also moved us in return, saying that, like people, crystals have many cuts, but each one make us beautiful and who we are.

Wilkie Collins wrote, “Our words are giants when they do us an injury, and dwarfs when they do us a service.’.  To say ‘thank you’ seems not enough, but this small phrase, so important that it is one of the first we teach our children to say, encapsulates everything in presenting this award to Dr Carey.

Congratulations, Dr Carey, and thank you on behalf of transgender and intersex individuals and their families.