Legal Documents – This section contains information on the legal documents you will need to change as you transition, with information on how to do this.  There will also be links to helpful websites and webpages to assist you through the process.

Publications – Most publications are placed under relevant sections within the website, others will be placed here.  This list will grow as the website develops.

Research – This will be the page where important research in the transgender and intersex field will be placed.  This list will grow as the website develops, suggestions on important research that could be included are welcomed.

Helplines – Useful helpline numbers.  Helpline numbers for support groups can be found under our Support groups section.

Other Resources – Links, resources and information on other support groups, online resources or support, online information etc.  This section will be added to as and when needed.   Should you wish your site or group to be listed, please do contact us via our contact form.