RF Associates are working with Focus: The Identity Trust to conduct research into the experience of transgender individuals living in Northern Ireland. As a result of dialogue with Focus: The Identity Trust, it is clear there is a dearth of information and understanding of those identifying as “non-binary” in terms of their gender identity in NI.

This research will explore the following themes:

  • General lived experience of transgender individuals in Northern Ireland
  • Understanding of “non-binary” (from both those identifying as “non-binary” and those of other gender identities)
  • Perceptions of “non-binary” as a gender identity amongst transgender individuals
  • Perceptions of the impact of recent media discourse on the topic.


Our aim is to conduct several focus groups with people identifying as transgender and non-binary.

We would very much appreciate if it would be possible for you to attend a focus group on 19th July from 5pm-7pm to conduct one focus group with members of our organisation. It is important to include as broad spectrum of voices to make the research representable. Please be assured that anything anyone says during the focus group will be kept strictly confidential.

As a result of this research we will produce a report that will be published on Focus: The Identity Trust website.



If you have any additional questions about the research please do not hesitate to contact me, Polona Rogina at RF Associates (polona@rfassociates.co.uk / 02890428777) or Susan Fleming focustheidentitytrust@gmail.com


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