Mermaids and Focus – working together to support transgendered individuals and their families!

Focus: The Identity Trust is pleased to announce that a link has been formed with the Mermaids group.  Mermaids is a separate support group and charity based in England, which offers family and individual support for teenagers and children with gender identity issues.

Mermaids operate a number of online forums for transgendered individuals, and they have kindly offered to extend their services to cover Northern Ireland.  Susie Green of Mermaids has stated that Mermaids is delighted to be extending this service, which now offers a brand new source of support here.

Focus: The Identity Trust too are delighted.  Often children, teenagers, and their families feel lonely, isolated, even alienated, and in need of someone to talk to for advice or support.  It is immeasurably supportive and helpful to talk to others who have gone through, or are going through, similar problems.  With this new link forged between Focus and Mermaids, the access to these forums will make a real difference to those dealing with gender identity issues.

Access the Mermaids forums here by clicking the links:

Mermaids Mailing List Open to young transgendered people between ages 12 and 19.

Mermaids Parents Mailing List Mailing List for parents and carers.

Mermaids Professionals Mailing List Mailing list for professionals dealing in a capacity of care for a child or young person. For example, in education, social or youth work.