Joint Statement issued by Children’s Charities.

Focus: the Identity Trust welcomes the joint statement issued this week by Barnardo’s, the NSPCC, the National Children’s Bureau and the Children’s Society, which declares: As children’s charities, we believe in, support, and stand in solidarity with all children and young people who are trans[gender], non-binary, gender non-conforming, or exploring their gender identity.

We celebrate who they are and work with them to help them reach their potential. [1]

Focus: the Identity Trust endorses the clear distinction drawn between various issues related to gender identity that may be experienced by individuals, including children, believing that this provides due dignity for all involved.

Focus: the Identity Trust would also welcome the extension of this list to include individuals born with intersex conditions and encourages the need for recognition that children born with these conditions should have the right not to undergo interventions beyond those that may be entirely necessary for clear medical reasons until they are competent to make their own choices in relation to gender identity. These choices should include the right to identify as intersex without fear of prejudice, and/or to determine any matters relating to ‘gender dominance’.

[1] The full statement may be found at