If not, here’s a recap: Women in Canada and parts of the United States — Kentucky, Florida, Minnesota, Texas — better get used to having some trans men in their public washrooms and dressing rooms, thanks to hysterical, and what many are calling transphobic, legislation proposals put forth by a few Conservative Canadian senators and conservative American politicians. And men in those places better get used to having trans women in their public facilities.

The proposed “bathroom” amendment by Senator Don Plett to a gender identity bill that had been passed in the House of Commons has sparked outrage  and has inspired a protest movement in Canada in which trans people are taking selfie photos in bathroom facilities that do not match their gender presentations.

Yes, it’s ridiculous that trans women would be forced by the government to use men’s washrooms and trans men to use women’s washrooms. Canada  and the aforementioned U.S. states have made laughingstocks of themselves.

here are a few pics of the shape of things to come.