It is recommended that the first document you change is your passport details, i.e name, gender, and photo.

This is a straightforward process and does make changing any other documents much easier.

For more details and to access this on-line at click here

HM Passport Office has also produced an additional guide for transgender customers applying for or renewing a passport.  You can quick click to this document here.

(Note that to change your gender on a UK passport, it is not necessary to have started hormone treatment or to have had any surgery.  You simply need to send ONE of the following with your passport application and supporting documents:

  • a letter from a doctor or chartered psychologist who practices in gender dysphoria stating that you have a need to live in a different gender, and evidence of your change of name (eg your deed poll)
  • a gender recognition certificate
  • a new birth or adoption certificate showing your acquired gender

(Note that changing you gender on your passport does not change your legal gender.  This is tied to your birth certificate).