There are many other documents on which you may need to change or consider changing your name.  These may include:

  • Insurance documents, e.g house, car, life etc.  An example of a letter that has been used can be found below.
  • Utility bills, e.g gas, electric, internet, telephone etc
  • Bank accounts  – This should present no problem, as banks will apply exactly the same criteria in assessing your credit as anyone else.   Some banks have a discretionary policy of issuing a second account in your proposed new name pre-op so that you can use a bank card or cheque book appropriate to your gender role, though they will also require the new signature with which you will operate the account.  The bank will automatically change your name once it receives a certified copy of your Statutory Declaration, and will also require a new signature for this account.
  • Credit cards – To do this send a covering letter to the credit card company with a copy of your Statutory Declaration requesting a change in your name and the issuance of a new card in this name.  Do remember, though, that some credit card companies use gender checking as part of security.  In addition, some credit cards do not record gender and simply have initials.  However, the use of the initials is a deliberate security measure in that if your card is ever checked the first thing the shop assistant will be asked about the person presenting the card, is their gender.
  • Medical card
  • HMRC
  • Land Registry.  If you own a house or flat, you must change the name on the register at the district land registry where your property is located.  If you have a mortgage on the property, your bank or building society will also need to be informed.
  • Social Security Agency.  To ensure that your National Insurance, tax, tax credits, benefit and pension records are updated you should inform the SSA or other agencies, as soon as you receive a full Gender Recognition Certificate.

 As it is not gender related your National Insurance Number does not change.


Example letter to a Car Insurer: 

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Permanent Change of Name

Please find enclosed a copy of my new Change of Name Deed.

As you will see from the wording of that document, I am currently undergoing ‘Gender Reassignment’ treatment to reassign my gender from female to male, and as part of this process have changed my name by Deed Poll to Mr Xxxxx Xxxxxx.

This change of gender is permanent, and I would appreciate your assistance in making the relevant changes to my account records accordingly.  Please also preserve full confidentiality.

The necessary changes involve not only my christian name(s) but also that of the title from Mrs to Mr and so I will require:

A new certificate of Motor Insurance.

Thank you for your kind understanding of this matter.  I shall look forward to receiving confirmation that these changes have been made to my account records as mentioned above, and to also receiving my new Certificate of Motor Insurance too, as requested.

Your sincerely,

Mr Xxxx Xxxxxxx