Whilst there are many legal ways of changing your name (see Resources/Legal Documents/Changing your Name), the most formal and common method is the Deed Poll.

As a Deed Poll is the only evidence accepted for a new driving licence or passport, this makes it a good choice.  It is also a relatively simple process to undertake and can be done online in a matter of minutes.

To find a company that will provide you with a Deed Poll service, a simple internet search will bring up an extensive selection.  One which we have found to be useful is http://www.thelegaldeedpollservice.org.uk/ which also post-application provides good information on the actual deed poll, legalities etc.

There are however, many other companies and we would advise you to use your own discretion in making your choice on what company to use.   Costs vary, but generally range from between £8 – £15 with extra costs depending on how many copies you require.  It is advisable to order the number of copies you think you will need on first application, as costs go up if you ask for more copies at a later date.  Also there are sometimes time limits on the period within which you have to apply for the extra copies.

Delivery of your Deed Poll tends to be very quick.

Your new deed poll does not become legal until you sign it and have it witnessed.  We would advise you to take note of the advice given by the Deed Poll provider.