Disclosure Process for Transgender People

At times, individuals are asked to complete Disclosure.  AccessNI operate a special application process for transgender people to assist in ensuring discretion to those who do not wish their previous gender (and names) to be disclosed to the person or organisation requesting the Disclosure.

AccessNI carries out Disclosures based on current and previous names and their process requires that all applicants provide these for checking purposes.  This is intended to take account of names changed through marriage or by legal name changes.

They appreciate that transgender people may prefer to have complete privacy in relation to their past life and as a result have made special arrangements to deal with applications from transgender people.

There is no need to disclose transgender status (especially on application forms) to an employer or other organisation who has requested that a Disclosure is carried out unless you are content for anyone to know these facts.  Anyone holding a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) is under no legal obligation to give this information to a prospective employer.