For most transgender individuals, surgery is essential.  It is important to recognise that it is not for all.  But it is, however, very expensive and very, very few can afford private treatment.  Funding is limited on the NHS and funding priorities are set locally by the healthcare trusts.  It is important that you are prepared for the fact that waiting lists can be long.

Trans people and families need to be aware of all the options.  For MtF (Transwomen) the surgery options are as follows:


Removal of testicles


Removal of penis


Creation of vagina


Creation of clitoris


 Breast enlargement

Tracheal shave

Reduction of Adam’s apple

Facial Feminising

Especially reshaping the nose and chin

For transwomen (MtF) hormone treatment (estrogens and anti-androgens) will probably reduce sex drive (libido).