School Code of Practice – relating to pupils AND staff

Schools should have a code of practise to recognise, deal with and prevent transphobic bullying.  The following Code of Practice, courtesy of GIRES, who have also produced an excellent ‘Transphobic Bullying Toolkit’ for schools to use to combat transphobic bullying.

This school/college values all its pupils and staff equally. It will neither practice nor allow any discrimination based on gender identity. Recognising the existence of transphobia in society, the school/college will ensure the following:

  • Staff and pupils will not be denied fair and equal treatment because of their gender identity
  • All areas of the curriculum and resources will be closely monitored to see that they do not rely on gender stereotypes and that they contain no transphobic material
  • Transphobic abuse, harassment and bullying (e.g. name-calling, derogatory jokes, graffiti, unacceptable or unwanted behaviour, intrusive questions) are serious disciplinary offences and will be dealt with promptly under the appropriate procedure
  • Staff will not be excluded from employment, promotion or any employee benefit because of their gender identity
  • Staff or pupils who wish it to be known that they are transgender will be provided with a supportive environment.  However, it is the right of the individuals to choose whether they wish to be open about their gender identity.  To “out” someone, whether staff or pupil without that person’s permission is a form of harassment, and will be treated as such
  • Assumptions will not be made that partners are always of the opposite gender
  • Transgender issues will be included in equality training
  • Staff and pupils will be provided with a confidential procedure for reporting any transphobic bullying
  • Monitoring of complaints of transphobic abuse, harassment and bullying, and of the schools’ readiness to deal with such cases, will be undertaken at least once a year
  • Staff undergoing medical and surgical procedures related to gender confirmation will receive positive support from the school/college to meet their particular needs during that period
  • Transgender staff and pupils come from diverse backgrounds and the school/college will strive to ensure that they do not face discrimination either on the grounds of their gender identity or with regard to other aspects of their identity (e.g. race, age, religion, disability, belief)
  • Overall, the school/college aims to create an environment in which all staff and pupils, whatever their gender identity, feel equally welcome and valued and in which transphobic behaviour is not tolerated.

This latest version of this GIRES toolkit may be obtained here.