I feel like my wife has really accepted me as a transgender woman.

Photo by Briana Tozour on Unsplash

This is an amazing feeling I have right now. Just about a hour ago my wife and I prepared food and ate lunch together. I am presenting as a feminine transgender woman right now.

I’m just being myself but a bit prettier than at most times, if I do say so myself.

We made some progress this morning with cleaning up our home so we can get it ready for sale.

My wife said that I make a really good house wife.

I know that this might seem a bit offensive to some to be called a “really good house wife”, but to me, since the age of 4 years old…

I have longed to hear those words, and there they were.

“You make a really good house wife!”

I’m all sorts of smiles right now and it just feels good. My wife is recognizing and accepting my gender and that means the world to me.

She also knows and understands now that no matter what I look like and no matter what I am wearing, I am always, and have always been a transgender woman.

What did we talk about?

How I am living my version of the transgender experience.

I have to do what makes me feel right.

I need to dress as a feminine transgender woman so I can see myself in the full length mirror and let my inner sense of gender identity feel connected to my body.

Yeah, I’ll totally admit that I love checking myself out in the mirror. Maybe that’ll fade over time but it really seems to keep the gender dysphoria away. Being shaved smooth all over really helps too.

The feeling of gender euphoria is amazing.

I feel like my body is naturally soft enough and the clothes push me over to the woman side of the force. I don’t know how to explain the feeling of energy I get from turning away from the dork side. Okay enough Star Wars references. But seriously, I’ve always called it Anna Energy. I’m thinking of changing my user name to Anna Energy as well. It’s got a cool ring to it. That’s also what I call my music.

I told my wife again about how I hope that when we look for a new place in Mexico, that we’re able to find a place where I can dress like a feminine trans woman and be outside while stargazing. We’re going to be in the LGBTQIA+ friendly area of Cancun, so fingers crossed!

I know I can do nonbinary all day. I haven’t had any problems in Mexico during vacations with openly shaved legs and androgynous cuteness. Not in the resort or tourist areas either. Downtown areas where we were the only gringos around for miles, and we were walking everywhere too!

I really don’t know if I could get away with looking like a super feminine transgender woman openly in Mexico, but I can live with my nonbinary trans lesbian boho beach rocker look out in public with no problems.

It’s pretty much the same but with less makeup and jewelry. Sneakers instead of flats. More gender neutral. That works for me and it also works for my wife. ; )

Only 94 days to go until we leave for Mexico.