An important reminder for current users and for newcomers to our website, that we have special sections on our site covering Transphobia and Hate Crime.   They are located under the Info / Your Rights sub menus, (click to go directly to page) and contain useful information on what is transphobia, and what to do if you are a victim of a transphobic hate crime or a witness to it.  All the information is reproduced below and provides;

  • direct links to the PSNI website
  • direct links to their online reporting form
  • telephone numbers for the Hate Crime Helpline and NI Crimestoppers

We at Focus have also provided information here should the incident recur in the Republic of Ireland, with a full station directory, a list of current Liaison Officers (names and telephone numbers), and the telephone numbers for the Garda Confidential line and Crimestoppers.


If the incident is happening/has happened in Northern Ireland, contact the police in the following ways.

Remember:  Always dial 999 if you are in immediate danger or if the incident is happening NOW! 

Otherwise report it in the ways suggested below as soon as it is safe to do so.

  1. Call the Hate Crime Helpline on 0845 600 8000 or your local police station.  They will appoint an officer to investigate, but they also have specially trained Hate Incident Minority Liaison Officers (HMILO’s) there to help and whom you can ask for.  Make sure you explain that you perceive the incident as transphobic, and that you want it recorded as a Hate Crime/Incident.
  2. You can also call NI Crimestoppers anonymously on:  0800 555 111.
  3. You can also report here online.  If the incident does not require immediate attention, or if you are reluctant to report this type of incident, the Police Service also operate an online form which you can complete to report the transphobic incident.  This site is not monitored 24 hrs a day so in an emergency call 999.  You may also need to switch off your Pop-Up blocker to access the form.

Should you choose not to report a transphobic incident, please consider still completing the online form as it means that it will at least be recorded for monitoring purposes.  If you leave any personal details these are handled in confidence and in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

The PSNI have also produced a specific leaflet on Transphobic Hate Crime.   To link to this document click here.


If the incident is happening/has happened in the Republic of Ireland, contact the An Garda Síochána (the national police service of Ireland) in the following ways.

Remember:  Always dial 999 if you are in immediate danger or if the incident is happening NOW! 

Otherwise report it in the ways suggested below, as soon as it is safe to do so.

  • Call your nearest and/or local Garda Station.  Telephone numbers for all Garda stations and key offices are available here in the Station Directory and they are also published in the Eircom Telephone directory.   An Garda Síochána also have LGBT liasion officers stationed around Ireland.  Link here to access the most recent list with names and contact numbers for the area.
  • Call the Garda Confidential Line 1800 666111.  This line allows people to call with information relating to matters of crime or other activities.
  • Call Crimestoppers 1800 250025.  Crimestoppers is a partnership between private industry and An Garda Síochána aimed at people who have information on crime.  It guarantees anonymity and offers rewards for information.

Remember, if you are in immediate danger, or the incident is happening NOW dial 999.


Transphobic Hate Crime is UNACCEPTABLE

You do not have to put up with it – to STOP IT and GET HELP;  REPORT IT.


PSNI hate crime poster