Focus: The Identity Trust has hit the ground running in 2014, and is delighted to announce the launch of NEW support groups: Focus: Satellite and Focus: MAN

These further extend our support services and allow even more transgender and intersex people to access vital support.

Focus: Satellite

First to launch was Focus: Satellite at the beginning of the year.  Whilst it held its inaugural meeting in Donegal, Focus: Satellite operates all across Northern Ireland and the bordering counties of the Republic, providing support to those transgender and intersex individuals who are isolated in rural areas, and who might not otherwise have access to this type of support.

A key component of our Satellite support group programme is to provide the support at the locations where the need exists, so that transgender and intersex individuals can come together to talk, to listen, and who by sharing their experiences, offer help and advice to each other.  As with all our support groups, we provide an inclusive, open, friendly and safe environment for all, where everyone is respected, every stage is respected, and confidentiality is assured.

And last but not least, the Focus: Satellite support groups also provide a great opportunity to meet and make new friends.   The first meeting was very successful, with individuals sharing experiences, supporting each other, in a relaxed and safe atmosphere.  Good food and laughter were added extras!

Focus: MANman image

Focus: Man is the first transman support group in the north of Ireland and successfully held its inaugural meeting Saturday 25th January 2014.  All group members attending, young and old, had a beneficial and enjoyable afternoon, not only talking over issues affecting them, discussing experiences, debating solutions, but much more too; also enjoying a lot of camaraderie and laughter into the bargain.

The purpose of Focus: MAN is to give transmen a confidential and safe support group in an all-male environment within which to voice and discuss any and all issues that particularly affect us guys on our transitional journeys.  This new and exciting group offers an entirely new opportunity for transmen to give and receive invaluable support from like-minded individuals.  Group members are at different stages on their transitions and can offer each other support, information, a pooling of experiences and resources, and friendship.  Good craic and the opportunity to make new friends are added bonuses.

Focus: MAN will continue to meet once a month and group members can still also attend other Focus: The Identity Trust support group meetings.

For further details on all Focus: The Identity Trust support groups, please click here.

If you are interested in joining Focus: Satellite, Focus: MAN, (or any of Focus’s other support groups) please contact us via email at, or by completing the contact form on this website, click here to access.