Focus: The Identity Trust is delighted to announce the launch of our TRANS MANIFESTO, which we have developed in concert with the other leading Transgender and Intersex Organisations across the entire UK.

Working together with GIRES, Scottish, Gendered Intelligence, The Gender Trust and a range of other leading organisations across the UK, we have produced this Manifesto in order to lobby all political parties in advance of the up-coming Local, European and Westminster Elections.

In the Manifesto we push all parties to include transgender equality in their election manifestos and to sign up to and adopt its priorities which were collectively agreed by Focus in unison with the other organisations involved.  The Manifesto has been disseminated to all political parties across the UK including those in our local Stormont assembly;

 “Transgender rights is a cross-party issue which needs government support.  These proposals, if acted upon, will have a hugely positive impact on the lives of many transgender individuals.”

What’s in the Trans Manifesto?

You can read/download our Trans Manifesto here: Trans Manifesto 2014 (1)

Our Trans Manifesto has agreed three core statements, and calls for all political parties;

  • to commit to promoting diverse, representative, realistic and positive portrayals of Transgender individuals,
  • to empowering Transgender individuals to be the authority on all aspects of their own lives,
  • to encourage society to treat Transgender individuals with dignity and respect and to regard them as equal citizens with equal rights.

Two specific requests have been made of political parties;

  • A commitment to include positive images of transgender individuals in all Central Government publications to increase visibility
  • A commitment to review the Gender Recognition Act 2004, with a view to loosening medical requirements and removal of spousal veto

Whilst making two specific requests our real hope is that politicians of all parties will subscribe to a fundamental shift in the way transgender people are viewed, and that by ensuring that all policy decisions are viewed through these three statements, the inequalities that transgender people still face will start to be naturally eliminated.

Focus: The Identity Trust officially asked all political parties in our local Stormont Assembly to commit to the actions outlined in the Manifesto and to add a commitment to its agenda to their campaigns for this year’s local and European elections and the Westminster elections in 2015.

Positive Response to our Manifesto

Focus is delighted to report that the response has been extremely positive.  Already a number of local parties have responded to indicate their support along with a commitment to incorporate the Manifesto’s aims into their own party manifestos for all impending elections.

Martina Anderson MEP, Jim Nicholson MEP, and Anna Lo MLA are amongst those who have given their support, and we take this opportunity on behalf of transgender and intersex individuals to thank them for their support, as well as their positivity and commitment.

3 politiciansPictured left to right:

Martina Anderson MEP (Sinn Fein)

Jim Nicholson MEP (Ulster Unionist Party)

Anna Lo MLA (Alliance Party)

We encourage all of our local parties to publicise their stance in response to our Trans Manifesto.

Focus: The Identity Trust looks forward to working together with all parties to promote and pursue the implementation of the Manifesto’s key asks for the future.

“We at Focus: The Identity Trust have been delighted to be involved in developing this Trans Manifesto, and to have worked so closely with other leading transgender and intersex organisations across the UK.  We now look forward to working hard to push for its key asks to be implemented.”

This is a REAL opportunity for change for transgender and intersex individuals.