Focus: The Identity Trust is delighted to announce the launch of our All-Island Trans Manifesto.

As the only All-Island organisation representing and supporting transgender and intersex individuals, Focus: The Identity Trust have launched this Manifesto in order to lobby all political parties in advance of up-coming elections to push for the inclusion of transgender equality as part of their party manifestos.

Focus developed this All-Island Trans Manifesto as an extension of our recently launched National Trans Manifesto which was developed by us in collaboration with other leading UK transgender organisations such as GIRES, Scottish, Gendered Intelligence, and The Gender Trust.

We are making this announcement to remind those of you already in contact with us and those anxious to benefit from our support, that we accept referrals from any registered general medical practitioner on the island of Ireland, or any specialist gender identity service in Europe.

In the Manifesto we push all parties to include transgender equality in their election manifestos and to sign up to and adopt its priorities.  Our All-Island and National Manifestos have been disseminated to all political parties across Ireland and the UK;

 “Transgender rights is a cross-party issue which needs government support.  These proposals, if acted upon, will have a hugely positive impact on the lives of many transgender individuals.”

What’s in the All-Island Trans Manifesto?

You can read/download our All-Island Trans Manifesto here: All-Island Trans Manifesto