Feeling Pretty for the First Time

Naomi Kurz

So like yesterday I felt that I looked pretty for once, and I mean actually felt like I looked like someone. This was really surprising for me because in all honesty sweetie, — “I Never Feel that way.” — . Normally, life isn’t so grand for me, and I don’t feel happy about myself.


WoW, I don’t really know what it was about yesterday but it was wonderful, I woke up really happy actually even dancing to some music and putting on makeup. I was smiling and feeling great about who I was for once in my life.

I have to say it was interesting to feel this way.

Now, there was really no special reason for me to be happy and excited about the day other than waking up. I don’t know, I had a song stuck in my head all night called “Waki Waki” by Shakira, which has a really good beat to it.

Can’t go wrong with waking up happy and feeling good about yourself.

Anyways, not your typical long story I normally do but it a little something about myself.


Sorry for the short

Post, things were busy over the last week.