In the fortnight since the formal launch of Focus: The Identity Trust’s TRANS MANIFESTO at Stormont, we have been delighted at both the success of the launch and the incredibly positive response since.

Hosted by the Junior Ministers of the NI Executive, the launch was supported by key stakeholders and individuals from across the entire statutory, voluntary and public sector.


j m cann junior minister mlaOFMDFM Junior Minister Jennifer McCann offered her support of the Trans Manifesto, saying:

Unfortunately the trans community is still one of the most marginalised groups in our society and face many challenges. This manifesto provides an opportunity for change. By promoting equality for all in our community, we are striving to build a society which allows everyone to realise their full potential and live free from fear, prejudice and discrimination.”

Others endorsing our Trans Manifesto include; Maeve McLaughlin MLA, Councillor Noelle Robinson of the Green Party, Councillor Brian Dornan, Alliance Party Group Leader, and also individual representatives from;

  • Women’s Aid NI,
  • Translink,
  • Lifeline,
  • PSNI,
  • NIHE,
  • Victim Support,
  • Training for Women Network,
  • NI Policing Board,
  • NICA,
  • CAMHS,
  • Amnesty International,
  • BSO,
  • Victim Support NI,
  • RCGP,
  • a range of government departments,
  • plus a significant number of individual local councillors and MLAs.

to name but a few……….  This adds to the commitment to support our Manifesto already given to us by Martina Anderson MEP, Jim Nicholson MEP, and Anna Lo, MLA (pictured below).

3 politiciansPHA Twitter endorsement

“Why we need a Trans Manifesto”

We have also received a number of private endorsements, and are particularly grateful for the words and support of our Manifesto by Dave Magee, who comments in his article,  “I lived most of my life in fear” – Why we need a Trans Manifesto”,

The launch of this Manifesto is important for a number of reasons.  For many Trans people the T at the end of LGBT is at best a silent one, and nor is the inclusion of T in LGBT even appropriate (see here for more info).  In short, while LGB is about sexuality and attraction, T is about gender.  They are different issues.  Public understanding of Gender Dysphoria – a recognised medical condition  – is limited.  The language used and the narratives constructed around Trans issues need to be formed and shaped by those who identify as Transgender rather than those who identify as Cisgender.

Trans issues are among the least understood in the media and society at large.  Many people simply do not know what the issues are and what they can do to help.  One easy thing to do is to read the manifesto and understand the issues better.  Another is to raise awareness of it by sharing it on social media.  Another way of showing support and solidarity is to write to local MLAs and MPs to show support for it.  Transgender rights and equality are not only cross-party issues, they are issues for everybody who claims to stand on the side of equality and justice.  In the end there is no true equality for anyone unless there is equality for everyone.”

To read his full article please click here.