Dr Denis Mc Mahon Head of The Equality Directorate within OFMDFM today accepted our award for Transgender Champion 2014 from Frances Shiels secretary of Focus: The Identity Trust on behalf of The Gender Equality Unit within OFMDFM.

The award was in recognition of the sterling work undertaken by The Gender Equality Unit within his department in promoting the recognition of the specific gender issues experienced by all of the Transgender individuals and their families in N.I. and integrating these issues as an equal and integril part of the new Gender Equality Strategy for N.I. which will be implemented across all government departments as part of the delivering social change initiative.

We would like to thank Denis and all his staff for their support without which it would have been even more difficult for our individual voices to be heard.

Whilst today was a day of celebration it was tinged with some mixed emotion as Denis leaves to take up a new role as permanent secretary in DCAL.

Focus: The Identity Trust would like to take this opportunity to wish him every success in his new post and look forward to his vision of inclusion reaching fruition in his new role.