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Gifts of information regarding:

“Gender Identity-Finding and Transforming Services”

A truly exciting study organised by the “Research and Development Office” (PHA) and sponsored by Ulster University Coleraine.

The Research has been reviewed by an independent group who sit on a research committee, the study has been given consent to proceed by the research ethics committee in NI, UU and the BHSST.

This ground breaking study is being undertaken by Katrin Lehmann who is a PHD Research student looking at care for young people and adults with gender dysphoria who attend, or have attended specialist gender services.

Katrin’s research is being directly supervised by Prof Gerry Levey.

The study aims to produce evidence which will help service providers to develop policy and practice to ensure the best possible services for young people and adults with gender dysphoria.

Katrin says “We know from other research studies that individuals who attend specialist gender services can be very diverse in relation to their mental health and also in relation to whether they have autism and autism traits……….

This study does not provide additional labels or diagnoses- I would like to understand if additional mental health needs or autism/autism traits impact on a person’s journey through specialist gender services in NI”

Katrin is anxious to hear from as many patients who are currently attending, waiting to be seen, on a waiting list and those who have attended specialised gender services  in the past.

Focus: The Identity Trust and The Gender Identity Panel are more than happy to endorse this study.

It is a cross-sectional survey and qualitative study to provide baseline data and would  have opportunities to follow individuals up during future studies.  This is your unique opportunity as an individual to help shape future specialist services  by taking a little of your time to engage with this survey.

For more information contact Susan at: focustheidentitytrust@gmail.com and we will arrange for Katrin to attend a focus group in a totally safe and confidential setting. Should you wish a personal meeting to hear more you can contact

Katrin directly at: Lehmann-K@ulster.ac.uk to arrange a one to one with the researcher.