BBC Radio 4 are broadcasting a 5 part series called, “Just a Girl”.  Each episode is 15 mins long, and you can access to listen/stream on the BBC Radio 4 website by clicking here.

“How would you cope if your child was born into the wrong body?  Powerful new drama by Mark Davies Markham.

Amy and her parents meet the doctor who will help them work out if hormone blockers are the right choice.

A very ordinary family has come to terms with the less ordinary experience of Amy who was born as Ben. Adamant that she is a girl from an early age, Amy is growing up fast and nervous about starting senior school, with a boy’s body.  Her parents, Gary and Charlotte, have to help decide whether she should take significant steps to delay puberty until she can be fully assessed for transgender treatment.  The right thing to do is not clear, and their different views on what is best for their child present some very difficult choices.  Grandad Ted loves them all but struggles to grasp how serious the situation is.  At the same time, everyday family life goes on, and re-decorating Amy’s bedroom brings her and her Grandad closer.  This honest, compassionate new drama was inspired by real life experiences.”

Information above courtesy of BBC Radio 4.