Manning broke her silence on her life as a transgender woman serving time in a men’s prison for the first time to Cosmopolitan.

In an interview published on Wednesday, Manning revealed that she has made some progress in her fight, but is still not there.

Manning, who was formerly known as Bradley Manning, was sentenced in 2013 for leaking thousands of government documents to WikiLeaks while serving in the Army.

Manning made headlines at her sentencing hearing by announcing she was transgender. She then sued after the Army denied her hormone therapy.

Manning told Cosmopolitan that Army has since decided to grant her certain care, such as hormones, makeup, and underwear for women.

However, she is not allowed to grow out her hair, which has been very difficult for her.

“I am torn up,” she said. “I get through each day okay, but at night, when I’m alone in my room, I finally burn out and crash.”

Her case against the Army is on going.