Focus: The Identity Trust exists to provide support to transgender and intersex people and their families. Our members have been delivering targeted support, education and awareness training since the early nineties. Since 2011 we have been lobbying government locally,nationally and across Europe to achieve equal rights in healthcare,education, employment, housing and the judiciary in every aspect of life.

One of our key objectives is to increase social inclusion and reduce social isolation and to provide services to develop self-esteem of individuals empowering them to be a valued member of society.

It is our ambition to build capacity within our membership ensuring our sustainability and enabling our strategic aim of expanding the diversity and range of services we provide.


( Charity Number  NIC100557)

We exists to provide social, educational and recreational activities for Transgender and Intersex individuals people in Northern Ireland and the Border Counties of the Republic of Ireland who have been referred to it by a Gender Identity Service or Registered Medical Practitioner.

The Trust will endeavour to provide a safe welcoming environment for all its members. vAdditionally the Trust exists to promote the development of educational information and advice on Transgender and Intersex issues in Northern Ireland, in regard to health, employment, housing , legal and general education issues within Northern Ireland and the Bordering counties of the Republic of Ireland in so far as they affect Transgender and Intersex individuals and their families.”


To inspire hope by enhancing the quality of life for all transgender and intersex individuals and their families; empowering them to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives.


Based on our core values of equality and human rights we are committed with dedication to our constituents. We constantly strive to be the exemplar delivering dynamic and results for all of our long-term strategies and short-term actions.

Additionally the Trust exists to promote the development of educational information and advice on Transgender issues in Northern Ireland in regard to   employment, housing, legal and general education issues within Northern Ireland in regard to how they affect the Transgender community and their relatives and friends.


  • To contribute to the creation and development of emerging policy and practice in relation to Transgender issues, as they affect the areas of policy on employment and the delivery of information and training to employers, public bodies and trade unions and the general public on issues affecting the Transgender community
  • To contribute to debate taking place locally, nationally and internationally on Transgender issues
  • To contribute to and co-operate with ethical research projects to help increase and develop understanding of the causes and the incidence of Transgender (  Gender  Dysphoria) and Transphobia
  • To develop closer co-operation and collaboration amongst Transgender groups on the island of Ireland, Great Britain and Europe
  • To establish, maintain and develop a library of resources on issues relevant to Transgender individuals and their friends and families in Northern Ireland
  • To provide a network of Transgender individuals willing to provide one-to one peer support for individuals and families struggling with their own or a family member’s gender identity


  • To assist Transgender individuals in the promotion of their own positive mental health,  in personal and social development, to encourage growth in self-esteem and confidence and help them to learn from their shared experiences
  • To help Transgender individuals to participate in the Trust’s Peer Support Groups, to express their views and play an active part in the planning and management of their own activities.
  • To assist Transgender individuals to become aware of their rights and responsibilities as active citizens
  • To promote the welfare and safety of Transgender individuals at all times.