My Sex Chromosomes are Irrelevant

Regardless, I’m now realizing that arguing with people who are convinced that trans people are illegitimate “because chromosomes” is really not worth my time. These people are misusing science as an excuse for their trans-exclusionary views. Sex essentialism that views trans women as men or males and trans men as women or females is not only ignorant and harmful, but ignores the practical impossibility of enforcing these views in everyday life.

X chromosome and DNA, 3D rendering by ustas, licensed from Adobe Stock.
While some of these bills propose enforcement by checking existing identification such as original birth certificates, more often trans people are kept out of spaces simply based on external appearance. These judgments reinforce a stereotypical view of what women and men should look like, which should be unpalatable to the “gender critical” feminists (aka TERFs) who ally with conservatives against trans women. TERFs should also realize that masculine-appearing cisgender women go down as collateral damage in this fight.
Especially as not all trans people want or can access surgery, we also need medical care for those body parts that don’t align with our authentic genders. Such care includes pelvic exams for trans men and prostate exams for trans women. If they encounter hostility or mockery from healthcare providers, trans people might avoid scheduling such exams and thus compromise their health. Measures such as the TGI Inclusive Care Act in California would help ensure that trans people get access to the affirming care we deserve.
 Treating people with respect and equity should not be dependent on what chromosomes we have. Sex essentialism isn’t science; it’s mean-spirited, it’s harmful, and it’s bigoted. Period.